White Board

Early in my career, when I was but a youngster at Northrop Corporation, I worked with a group of high energy, brilliant, and humorous folks. The work environment, like many work environments, was frequently stressful. One tool the “team” used to relieve stress while imparting invaluable tid-bits of erudition, knowledge and insight was the “White Board.” With regularity, someone would grab a marker, and impart a pearl of wisdom on the White Board. Gems such as “I’m about to do a Mach two arm wave” or “I’m dripping with the nectar of knowledge.”

When I decided that my website should be a tool to provide folks with a bit of knowledge (not legal advice, mind you) about matters that may impact their business, I wanted a unique name for where such knowledge might reside. It seemed fitting as a tribute to my former colleagues and friends from the old days to dub such, the “White Board.”

Check back on occasion as I will post information that you may find helpful as you navigate your day.

Fair labor standards act paperwork on a desk.

Are My Employees Exempt or Non-Exempt Workers?

You have assembled a great team and together you are busy building a great company. However, one area that can often be overlooked is whether or not you’ve properly classified your employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Not ev…
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IRS form W-9 and a contract

Hiring Workers - The Difference Between Employees and Independent Contractors

As a business owner, you are often challenged to find talented staff to help your business meet its obligations and grow. Many entrepreneurs believe that simply hiring support staff via a “1099 independent contractor” is a viable option without u…
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NDA. Non disclosure agreement

When Should I Have an NDA?

You’ve worked hard building your business. You’ve created proprietary and valuable information (your company’s “secret sauce”) that keeps you ahead of the competition. You want to hold this information close to your heart, but sometimes you…
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Kathy has been invaluable in helping me navigate the regulatory and contracting issues my company encounters on a daily basis.”
– Dr. Sid Theis, President, RDRTec, Inc

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