Kathy Van Every has been a valuable addition to our company. Ewing Engineered Solutions is a small company that primarily contracts on several levels with the Federal Government and large Prime Contractors. Kathy has been our attorney for a while now. We retained her to bring our company into compliance with Federal contract law however we soon expanded the way we utilized Kathy. Because of her experience and overall business approach we have been able to build more stable relationships with our vendors and customer and expand our markets where we would not have before. We have come to depend a great deal on Kathy for guidance and support in areas of contract law, State and Federal corporation requirements and employment compliance just to mention a few. There are many areas in our business that Kathy touches, all of which allow us to be a more successful company. I am extremely pleased with Kathy and proud to call her our attorney.


Kathy, thank you for being there and for your timely and on target guidance.”
– Buck and Terri Buckholtz, Owners, Unlimited Care Cottages, Houston, Texas

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