Trade Secrets

Confidential and valuable business information that gives a company an edge over their competition is a trade secret. To obtain protection for your company’s trade secrets, the law typically looks at three key elements:

  • Is the information unknown to the general public?
  • Does the information provide the company with a competitive edge and an economic advantage?
  • Does the company take affirmative steps to maintain the secrecy of the information?

The key to trade secrets is ensuring that the information is actually a trade secret and that your company takes affirmative steps to secure the legal protections available.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) protect your trade secrets and other proprietary information. Ensuring you have well drafted NDA’s and that you abide by them is critical to ensuring your valuable information is protected. Left unprotected, your competition is free to use and exploit your investment.

I have a wealth of experience in drafting agreements between companies and between your company and your employees that will protect your trade secrets. I can also provide advice and guidance when there has been a breach, ensuring your ability to protect your trade secrets isn’t lost.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss protecting your company's trade secrets.