Technology Licensing Agreements

Technology licensing agreements permit others to use technology, source code, proprietary processes and other intellectual property owned by your business while preserving your company’s ownership and controlling how these assets can be used. Often times these types of agreements are part of partnering, teaming arrangements, or other strategic alliances. For example, if you license your proprietary information to another company as part of a joint development effort, ownership and rights in the new intellectual property that is created needs to be addressed through the agreement.

A variety of contractual agreements are used to properly protect and exploit your intellectual property. The enforceability and suitability of the clauses within those contracts are critical to meeting your needs and intentions. I have a wealth of experience evaluating, protecting, licensing, and enforcing a wide variety of intellectual property rights, having drafted and negotiated many intellectual property agreements for clients in high-tech businesses, joint development agreements and agreements with international companies.

If you are looking to understand and properly protect and exploit your intellectual property, or are unsure of your obligations when using another company’s intellectual property, you can be assured I will provide you with high-quality, timely and relevant legal advice and support at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your business's technology licensing agreements.