Companies using or developing software products have additional legal concerns to contend with. For example, software developed using Open Source Software (OSS) may contain terms subjecting your newly developed software to being available to anyone else, without charge.

Often times, software is included in a product developed by your company, but the terms of that software restrict further transfer, impeding your ability to deliver your product or exploit your new product.

Somewhat related to software, many companies have web-based components and have to concern themselves with Terms of Use and Privacy language. What terms are appropriate based upon what the website’s software is designed to do?

I have worked extensively with high-tech companies on all aspects of technology and licensing including the preparation and negotiation of software development agreements, software licensing and distribution agreements, end use license agreements, click-wrap licenses, and privacy policies, ensuring successful use and commercialization of intellectual property. I can provide you with the information and solutions you need at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss software licensing, agreements and policies.