A copyright is a right granted to the author (or owner) to exclusively publish, perform, use and distribute an original work. In my practice we’ve encountered a few misconceptions regarding copyrights such as when does a copyright arise, who is the owner, what is the fair use doctrine, and what is capable of being copyrighted? And what is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

Understanding copyrights and how they impact your company is critical to securing and maintaining exclusive rights to creative works, including technology, source code and other proprietary processes. It’s also important to ensure you are not inadvertently misappropriating the work of someone else — potentially a very costly mistake.

I work with companies to educate them about copyrights and ensure that contracts, including web-based terms, and “works for hire” are properly drafted. I also ensure viable licenses are in place and advise companies when a third party may be misappropriating copyrighted materials.

If you have questions or are dealing with a copyright issue, I can provide you the solutions you need at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your business's copyright issues.