Intellectual Property

Your business likely doesn’t just sell products; you develop critical information that is valuable to your business, along with know-how and key technologies, including software, methodologies, processes and practices — all of which are invaluable and give your company a distinct advantage as compared to your competitors. Often, your intellectual property is your company’s greatest asset.

What’s more, if your company develops software, likely you’re leveraging Open Source Software (OSS). Understanding the implications of the license terms behind the OSS you select is critical to determining if you can successfully protect any proprietary code you are creating.

Whether you need to understand OSS license terms when building out software, or you need key Intellectual Property agreements such as non-disclosure and license agreements, I work hard to ensure you are fully aware of the types of intellectual property your company has and how to properly secure ownership, protect and exploit your valuable asset.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss defining and protecting your business's intellectual property.

Trade Secrets

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Technology Licensing Agreements

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