Termination for Convenience

The government (and in many cases, a prime contractor if you are a subcontractor) has the right to terminate your contract for convenience. While you may not achieve the benefit of the original contract, ensuring that you properly and timely prepare a termination for settlement proposal will limit the damage to your company and ensure all costs you are entitled to are recovered.

If you have received a termination for convenience notice from the government and are seeking assistance in what to do next, I can assist you with understanding the scope of the termination and in preparing your settlement proposal.

Termination for Default

The government can also terminate a contract for default provided it follows the regulations and gives a company notice and an opportunity to cure. In some cases, a termination for default can be avoided by asserting certain excusable delay justifications. In other cases, it is possible to convert a termination for default into a termination for convenience. Doing so can preserve your company’s ability to compete successfully for future contracts.

Counsel for Government Contract Terminations

If you have received a “Termination for Convenience,” “Show Cause,” “Cure” or “Termination for Default” notice and believe your company needs help or has mitigating circumstances, I can assist you in responding appropriately and potentially preserving your ability to perform future contracts.

Experience at an affordable price. I welcome you to contact me to discuss your business contracts.


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