Proposals & Contract Awards

Winning government business involves more than simply submitting a proposal. The solicitation process can be very involved and failure to adhere to the Request for Proposal/Quotation (RFP/Q) requirements means you won’t be considered. But submitting a successful proposal and obtaining an award involves much more. For example, consider:

  • Are you eligible for certain “set-aside” contracts? That answer may depend on how you formed your company.
  • What are the consequences of “buying in”? Your proposed price may be “plus-ed up” causing you to be less competitive. If it is a cost type proposal, the government’s recent position is that such a bid is a basis for bringing a false claim charge against a contractor.
  • Will winning a particular contract preclude you from winning follow-on work due to Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI)? Possibly — if you are doing work that develops the specification for the follow-on effort.
  • What is the best approach to bidding a cost type or firm fixed price contract? It depends on the costs that can be justified and the nature of the competitive environment.
  • How will you protect your intellectual property? Failure to properly assert limited or restricted rights can result in you giving the government unlimited rights. These rights are arguably as good as ownership and they are free to give your valuable intellectual property to your competitors.
  • How important are the evaluation criteria in the RFP? Failure to consider the evaluation criteria can result in your company being deemed non-responsive.
  • A poorly drafted Statement of Work can result in open-ended obligations your company has committed to.
  • What is the difference between a negotiated procurement and sealed bidding? Much!

Putting together a proposal is a significant investment in time and money. It is critical to ensure you fully understand the process and how to protect your investment. I have worked many government proposals and can provide your company with the right insight and guidance at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss government proposals and contract awards.


She is professional, has a positive attitude and really focuses on making sure her clients have a great experience and get the right kind of information before it’s needed.”
– Cliff Henry, Senior Program Director, Major Aerospace/Defense Contractor

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