When contract issues with the government remain unresolved — typically disagreements about whether a contractor is rightfully owed additional monies or time for contract performance — a company must comply with the Contracts Disputes Act (CDA) to seek relief. The CDA establishes very specific protocols that must be adhered to in order for a company to obtain relief or preserve its right to seek a remedy in court.

When a contractor determines that filing a claim under the CDA is appropriate, it is required to submit a claim (in some cases, a certified claim) to the government under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and demand specific monetary and schedule relief, as appropriate, and request the Contracting Officer (CO) render a final decision. Failure to adhere to statutory time lines and the process will result in the claim being denied.

If the CO denies the claim, the company can then pursue the matter at the applicable Board of Contract Appeals or the Court of Federal Claims.

Deciding whether to pursue a claim and then preparing the claim under the CDA is a serious matter. I am very familiar with pursuing claims against the government and can help you evaluate the viability of your claim, ensure you have critical decision-making information and work with you to prepare your claim.

I welcome you to contact me if your company is facing a government contract dispute.


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