Doing business internationally can be exciting and profitable, but poorly understood consequences of applicable laws (contracts, torts, anti-corruption, export) from both the United States and the country you’re conducting business in can have dire consequences.

Key Issues for Cross-Border Transactions

For company’s engaged in cross-border transactions, several key issues arise:

  • Contracts
  • Offset agreements
  • Export control laws
  • Imports and duties
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the foreign country’s equivalent anti-bribery laws
  • Anti-boycott laws
  • European Union regulations

International Business Contracts

Contracts take on another level of complexity when dealing with international transactions. Complexities created by the agreement’s governing law, the enforceability of certain terms, implied terms that are included in your agreement but are not in writing, governing language, payment currency, letters of credit, enforceability of the agreement, and the ramification of terms that may actually violate the laws of the United States, such as anti-bribery and export control laws, are to be expected.

I’ve often dealt with U.S. companies who are quite surprised to learn that doing business in say, Korea, France, or Australia, is very different than when that same company is dealing with another U.S. based entity. Not only can the terms of the contract — and how the contract has to be written — be different, the culture that you are dealing with can make negotiations frustrating and unworkable.

International Business Law Counsel

With years of experience in all aspects of international business transactions, including compliance with applicable U.S. and international laws, drafting of appropriate contracts, and leading successful negotiations, I can provide critical legal advice and guidance regarding all aspects of achieving a successful international deal. And, should a dispute arise, you can be assured that you’ll have on-going support to find a workable solution.

If you are doing business internationally and want to bring your “A-game,” you can be assured I will provide you with high-quality, timely and relevant legal advice and support at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your international business law needs.