Commercial Leases

Leasing office space or other facilities is a significant commitment and expense. Leases contain standard types of terms, each of which require due diligence to ensure you understand the costs you’ll be responsible for and how much flexibility you have under the lease. Typically, a tenant under a commercial lease is responsible for more than the monthly lease payment. You can expect to pay a share of maintenance fees, common area expenses, taxes, utilities, and insurance. Your lease may require that you are responsible for maintenance and repairs. There may be restrictions on subleasing. What is your responsibility for environmental issues? What does the lease say about the landlord allowing a competitor to be co-located? Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment (SNDA) agreements often contain terms that are potentially costly for a tenant. To what extent is an SNDA negotiable?

I have worked with several clients who have entered into complex commercial leases, including a long-term, multi-million-dollar lease for significant use of a major public airfield. My approach is to understand your short and long-term goals and your reasons for selecting a property. I ensure terms are fully understood and I negotiate an agreement striking the best deal possible. And when issues do arise, I work with you to find viable solutions.

If you are considering a commercial lease or have issues with an existing lease, you can be assured I will provide you with high-quality, timely and relevant legal advice and support at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your needs with regard to commercial leasing.