Companies buy and sell their businesses with regularity. Buying or selling a business isn’t as simple as it may seem. Whether you are on the buying or selling side, it is essential that the deal is properly structured. Due diligence is a critical phase of buying or selling a company as that is your opportunity to “look under the hood.” Due diligence results also are vital in properly structuring representations and warranties that can have long term consequences for both buyer and seller. The last thing a business owner wants is an open-ended obligation. And a buyer wants to know the business they are buying is as represented.

I’ve assisted many companies, especially companies who are buying or selling a business that is considered a “federal contractor,” in ensuring that unique acquisition concerns are addressed and adequately managed. If you are about to be involved in a merger or acquisition, you can be assured I will provide you with methodical and relevant legal advice and support at an affordable price.

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your legal needs with regard to business acquisitions.