About the Photos

An avid, but truly amateur, photographer in every sense of the word (but skilled at shooting on “Auto”), in 2014, I decided to actually become a serious photographer. A diligent and perpetual student of photography, I traveled extensively and worked with photographers from Dallas, New York, Oklahoma, and Florence, Italy to hone my craft and develop my own style. That is a perpetual endeavor! I enjoy street, travel, and landscape photography and taking unique photographs of friends and family. When not helping my clients with their goals, I can be found with camera gear in tow, capturing images in my own way and I even do headshots or company shoots for my clients as a way of saying, “thank you.”  


She is professional, has a positive attitude and really focuses on making sure her clients have a great experience and get the right kind of information before it’s needed.”
– Cliff Henry, Senior Program Director, Major Aerospace/Defense Contractor

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