Kathy Van Every and I worked extensively during her time as in-house counsel with a major multi-billion dollar defense contractor.  During that time, Kathy and I worked extensively on litigation, labor and employment matters.  She was an invaluable asset and extremely well versed in all areas of employment law and sophisticated litigation.  In addition to assisting with the litigation, she was a real “team member” and actively participated in matters, lending additional insight and valuable knowledge of the business arena.  I would highly recommend Kathy for any matter and have indeed referred business to her in recent months.

Robert E. Sheeder, Partner

Head of Labor and Employment Section

Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

We believe in Kathy!

Unlimited Care… Assisted Living Cottages are small residential homes located in the Houston Metroplex that have been transformed into assisted living cottages serving resident guests through a bed and breakfast model.

Terri and I have been in business 16 years and we always did our best to work in and on our business. Then we met Kathy and learned that there was much more to know about being in and staying in business. Kathy advised and assisted us with enhancing and revising our corporate structure, where to place and how to protect our assets. She also instructed us on how to clarify our service expectations and meet them with our associates and clients. She also guided us through the process of a leasing with new office space and one of our care cottages. Kathy, thank you for being there and for your timely and on target guidance.

Buck and Terri Buckholtz, owners
Unlimited Care Cottages
Houston, Texas

Kathy has been a savior for our organization. She jumped right in, held our hand and walked us through difficult contract negotiations with the federal government. I commend her for responsiveness, strategic thinking and kindness which all makes it easy to work with her. I can remember one day we were emailing each other while she was on a flight to Europe. How is it that for responsiveness! Kathy’s federal contract law knowledge and experience has prevented us from making monumental mistakes, no doubt. However, not only is she a great contract law attorney she is also a great human being, thanks Kathy!

Harmona Epps, Grant and Contract Compliance Administrator
Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
Irving, Texas

Kathy has been invaluable in helping me navigate the regulatory and contracting issues my company encounters on a daily basis. She teaches me what I need to know and is not only a great lawyer; she is very skilled at business. She is extremely diligent, responsive, hardworking and dependable.

Dr. Sid Theis, President
RDRTec, Inc

I worked with Kathy before she struck out on her own. She is professional, has a positive attitude and really focuses on making sure her clients have a great experience and get the right kind of information before it’s needed. Not only is Kathy very knowledgeable about the law and all manner of contracts, I admire her problem solving skills and ability to work positively with people when we dealt with upset or difficult customers. Kathy and I travelled extensively in pursuit of business and even under trying circumstances; Kathy was able to lead our team to successful relationships and agreements. I don’t feel this would have been possible without her skills and leadership.

Cliff Henry
Senior Program Director
Major Aerospace/Defense Contractor

Owning and managing three companies today requires a Team of knowledgeable and dependable experts who can support us. Kathy consistently brought her expertise and leadership of the law – specifically for us business law, contract law and intellectual property law to the table.

Kathy’s professionalism and responsiveness is impeccable in making sure that we as business owners as well as the services we offer are well protected so that we can provide signature service for our clients. Her proficiency of the law allows us to focus on what we need to with our clients, staff and vendors. Knowing that you have put documents and processes into place to protect not just our businesses, but what is best for us individually and our Board of Directors allows us all to relax and focus on creating a superior product, outcome and experience for our customers.

It is wonderful to know as a business owner that Kathy is available to us whenever we need counsel and direction with any of our companies. Knowing she has ‘got our back’ allows us to be able to concentrate on doing what we do best. We thank her for that peace of mind.

David and Amy Ensminger
Founders, Creating Intimacy & Respect
Owners, ADE & Associates, Inc.
Owners, TheMedicalPlanner.com

I met Ms. Kathy Van Every at a Small Business Conference approximately two years ago, now most people you meet at one of those affairs don’t remember your name, much less what you do or your company. But not Kathy; I was a small start-up; just getting my feet wet actually had my first contract and no idea if it was a good one or if it would take me to the cleaners. Well, I called Kathy and she remembered who I was from that little meeting, she asked me to send the contract to her and she reviewed it, marked it up and sent it back. Now, I’m no rookie, but boy did she catch a handful of items that if left in the contract would have cost me a fortune if I wasn’t’ careful; so, those clauses out, and I’m set for a profitable and protected consultant/client arrangement.
Kathy is time sensitive; she’s there when you need valuable information to protect your business and your business relationships. Quality Principles wouldn’t be where we are today without her continued efforts to keep us contractually protected.

Dallas, Texas

Thanks Kathy! Your energy and enthusiasm was great and your passion for the subject is undeniable!

Kathy is very energetic! Knows her stuff!

Kathy is able to breakdown some complex information so we could understand it.

Kathy is very knowledgeable and engages the audience! She kept the material interesting and focused it for her audience.

Kathy makes complex subjects understandable.

“Contracts” Course Evaluations

Kathy Van Every has been a valuable addition to our company. Ewing Engineered Solutions is a small company that primarily contracts on several levels with the Federal Government and large Prime Contractors. Kathy has been our attorney for a while now. We retained her to bring our company into compliance with Federal contract law however we soon expanded the way we utilized Kathy. Because of her experience and overall business approach we have been able to build more stable relationships with our vendors and customer and expand our markets where we would not have before. We have come to depend a great deal on Kathy for guidance and support in areas of contract law, State and Federal corporation requirements and employment compliance just to mention a few. There are many areas in our business that Kathy touches, all of which allow us to be a more successful company. I am extremely pleased with Kathy and proud to call her our attorney.

Phil M. Hawley
Ewing Engineered Solutions