Government Contracts

Doing business with the federal government directly or as a subcontractor can be rewarding but has unique challenges and complications. The legal and regulatory hurdles encountered in government contracting requires that a company doing business in this market be well informed and astute with regard to the numerous regulatory compliance requirements.

Whether it is contract obligations, business systems requirements, employment, proposals and pricing, claims, cost accounting, mandatory disclosures, or getting paid, numerous complicated regulations must be well understood and complied with. Even unintentional violations can have a devastating impact on not only your business, but can also result in fines and imprisonment.

Anyone interested in or already doing business with the U.S. Government needs a trusted advisor who fully understands and has insight and extensive experience dealing with the rules, regulations, agency differences, and bureaucracy inherent in government contracting.

We have more than 20 years of practical, hands-on experience in dealing with all aspects of government contracting for both small and large companies. Whether your business is in the initial stages of seeking a government contract or has been contracting with the government for years, we can help you successfully solve problems, understand your rights and obligations, and navigate the sometimes-bewildering maze of programs, rules and regulations at an affordable price.

Kathy Van Every and I worked extensively during her time as in-house counsel with a major multi-billion dollar defense contractor.  During that time, Kathy and I worked extensively on litigation, labor and employment matters.  She was an invaluable asset and extremely well versed in all areas of employment law and sophisticated litigation.  In addition to …

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